Is 33 Immortals on Game Pass?

33 Immortals is a co-op roguelike that allows you to band together with other lost souls as you fight damnation, but will it be on Game Pass?

33 Immortals Game Pass: a group of heroes atop a rock prepare to face god.

Will 33 Immortals be on Game Pass? The co-op roguelike pits you, and a gang of other damned, against actual God. G-O-D. This may seem like an impossible task, and while that may initially be the case, you’ll find out quickly that there is strength in numbers, and will.

While you can struggle through the afterlife solo, if you want to take on the head honcho then you’ll need to recruit as many people as possible – or, 33, in this case. This is going to require a large player base, of which there is no better than Game Pass; with many people potentially gaining access to the multiplayer game as part of their subscription. But, the question remains: will 33 Immortals be on Game Pass?

33 Immortals Game Pass: a top down view of a huge fight betwwen humans and monsters.

Will 33 Immortals be on Game Pass?

Yes, 33 Immortals will be on Game Pass. This means that anyone with an active Game Pass subscription at the time of launch will gain access to the game and be able to play from day one.

While we’re unsure when we can get our hands on 33 Immortals, we know that the coop game will have an early access period before its full release and will be available for Xbox, on the Epic Games Store, and of course, on Game Pass.

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