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Destiny 2 gives Overwatch a playful and overt nod in this Iron Banner commentary easter egg

Destiny 2 Saladin

Seems that sharing a publisher and distribution platform (at least on PC) holds some unusual perks for Destiny 2, including access to a shared pool of voice talent and no risk of legal action over easter eggs like this. Spotted by fans and captured in video above by player Wayne Ng, you can hear Lord Saladin – one of the Iron Banner PvP announcers – slipping out of character and into another, familiar role.

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It’s hard to mistake that gravelly ‘DIE, DIE, DIE!’ for anything other than Overwatch’s Reaper cutting loose. No surprise, given that both characters are voiced by prolific game & cartoon actor Keith Ferguson. The easter egg segues into a bit of character humor, with Saladin grumbling about him being up too late watching matches, and asking co-commentator Lord Shaxx to get him a cup of water, who – sadly unheard – is presumably teasing him.

Cute as this easter egg is, my heart will forever belong to Lord Shaxx, the most positive man in the entire apocalyptic world of Destiny 2. He’s like Brian Blessed ate a book on positive reinforcement. But that’s neither here nor there.

I wonder how much cross-promotion we’ll see in future? While there have been a few small nods and easter eggs – this being the largest by far – there’s potential for a whole mess of universe-blending silliness here, even outside of Overwatch crossovers. It almost seems a given that some Destiny 2 characters (Cayde, hopefully) will make an appearance in Heroes of The Storm at some point. I know I’d play as Cayde.

There’s only 11 days until Destiny 2 launches on PC. Are you ready?