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Someone broke into Fortnite’s mystery hatch with a shopping cart

Fortnite hatch

You may be aware that Epic recently added a vehicle (of sorts) to Fortnite Battle Royale. Shopping carts recently appeared in the game as driveable vehicles, capable of transporting one or two players at uninspiring speed across the game’s map. Truth be told, they’re not particularly great, but like a lot of Fortnite’s latest additions, they’re quite a lot of fun.

On top of that, however, it turns out that they’re, well, a little bit broken. Over the weekend, players have been messing around with them, discovering a glitch that causes the carts to fly into the air if you collide with building materials just so. It’s a pretty major drop, enough to kill you from full health once you hit the floor. Who knows, maybe it’s an homage to PUBG?

There’s a lot to discover in Fortnite’s map, but which the best battle royale?

The more interesting thing, however, is what the carts have meant for one of Fortnite’s easter eggs. Some time during Season 4, the Fortnite hatch appeared in the middle of Wailing Woods. It was apparently indestructible, with players unable to break into it using anything from a pickaxe to a rocket launcher. Now, however, someone has made their way in.

Reddit user Pataxu posted a video to the Fortnite subreddit yesterday. In that video (which you can watch below), he collides with the hatch at reasonably high speed and somehow breaks it open.

Accidentally I have broken the bunker of Wailing Woods with a shooping cart from r/FortNiteBR

It’s clearly an accident, as while the door on the hatch breaks open, the barrier underneath doesn’t go anywhere, meaning you can’t actually get into the hatch. It does, however, give us our best look at the contents of the hatch yet.

Well, I say contents – in fact, there’s absolutely nothing there. What it does seem to show, however, is that the walls of the hatch dont seem to extend all the way to the floor, suggesting there’s at least something hidden down there. Fortnite’s season 4 map is full of various superhero lairs, and perhaps this is one of them, but I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.