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G2A are using Microsoft software to create fraud protection tools


G2A are developing new fraud protection systems. The company, arguably best-known for its controversial key-selling practice, say they’ll be “establishing cooperation” with Microsoft software to create the new program.

“G2A is not evil” according to this indie developer.

A press release from G2A says that the company “is establishing cooperation with Microsoft to develop modern recommendation systems and fraud protection based on [cloud computing service] Microsoft Azure.” The software’s “innovative artificial intelligence mechanisms” will reportedly allow G2A to improve its recommendation system and reduce the risk of fraud.

G2A recently began using Microsoft software to help with security, but this announcement certainly doesn’t herald an official partnership between the two companies. Magda Taczanowska, director of the enterprise segment at Microsoft’s Polish branch says that G2A will be able to use Azure to “create unique solutions,” but doesn’t hint at the development of any brand-new software. Daniel Wartolowsi, CTO at G2A says that Azure allows the company to use the “ready-made services” at the same time as “open source solutions.” The new software will be used alongside both G2A Marketplace and G2A Pay, the company’s online payment gateway.