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Train Sim World’s new DLC takes you down the Great Western Express line

Train Sim World preview

It’s sometimes enlightening to read through the Steam Top Sellers list. While you’ll see your mega-budget AAA hits in the top slots more often than not, it’s far from unusual to see something like Train Sim World’s newly released DLC – The Great Western Express – sitting in the top 10, proving that PC gaming is broader than you might expect, and that your own definition of ‘mainstream’ might need expanding too.

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Offering a uniquely British set of scenarios, the Great Western Express pack focuses on running busy passenger trains in and out of Paddington station and across the Intercity express line. For those really wanting to commit to the simulation, there’s the new Service Mode, allowing you to experience life as a train driver working to a precise 24-hour timetable. While not quite as thrilling as a Battle Royale mode (although I do wonder how that would work with trains), it’s an interesting immersive hook for the expansion.

While there is the usual degree of nitpicking (as you’d expect from train enthusiasts with an eye for meticulous detail), Steam reviews for the expansion have been very positive, and many emphasise how much an improvement the DLC content is over the original game. The release of the DLC seems to have given the game a solid boost in player-count as well, according to Steamcharts. No shortage of would-be drivers wanting to live a day in the life on the rails.

The Great Western Express DLC is available on Steam now for an RRP of £15 after a generous 40% launch discount, or bundled together with the base Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul for £34.38