Top-down co-op Western A Fistful of Gun fires onto PC next month


Everyone has dreamed about being a Western hero at some point, right? You are the lone wanderer, strolling into the wrong tavern in the wrong town. Everyones’ heads turn as you enter, staring at your revolver swinging in its holster by your hip.

Suddenly you accidentally inhale the bit of grass you’ve been chewing in an attempt to look cool, and you begin to choke. The weight of your holster pulls down your trousers and now you’re naked from the waist down. You die with everyone laughing at you. 

Ok, maybe some dreams are best left alone.


Sometimes things don’t turn out how you expect, and that can be a good thing. A Fistful of Gun doesn’t star you as the lone hero of a Western fantasy, either – it’s you and eight friends in an action-packed, top-down, class-based shootfest.

A Fistful of Gun started life as a 3-player free prototype, which you can still play on developer Farmer Gnome’s site. The full game is being published by Devolver Digital and will release on September 24. It’s classic, top-down action but with a twist: each character plays slightly differently. See for yourself in the trailer below: