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Take a peek at the Alpine Skyline, A Hat in Time’s mountainous fourth world

A Hat in Time Alpine Skyline

Moving up in the world from studio lots and crystal caves, developer Gears for Breakfast have teased the fourth world for their headwear-based platformer, A Hat in Time. Home to humongous mountain goats and linked together with ziplies covered in Nepalese-style flags, Hat Girl better bring her climbing gear when questing through the Alpine Skyline.

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The tallest point on A Hat in Time’s planet, the Alpine Skyline is a set of mountains which nearly reach out into space. With the stars and auroras visible from the peaks, it’s a long way down if you fall from these slopes. Luckily, all of the mountains are linked together by these flag ziplines, which Hat Girl can ride using her umbrella. Just be careful of the mountain goats that make these mountaintops their home; they don’t take kindly to human interlopers.

As you progress, you can connect more mountains together via these ziplines and eventually climb to the highest point on the planet. The Alpine Skyline is home to some of A Hat in Time’s trickiest platforming, so be prepared for some difficult ascents when you unlock this area.

Initially, Gears for Breakfast envisioned a desert level for their fourth world, which had the tentative title of ‘Sand ‘n Sails’. As A Hat in Time developed further, a dusty desert world did not fit with the brightly coloured aesthetic that the team had become fond of. In order to avoid a clash of art style and gameplay, Gears for Breakfast changed course and turned the desert level into the mountainous region we see today.

The team are still actively working on A Hat in Time’s graphical fidelity, so expect the Alpine Skyline to receive another round of polish before the game’s eventual release. While they have yet to pull a exact date out of their hat, A Hat in Time is currently scheduled to launch on PC and Mac sometime in 2017.

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