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Quirky platformer A Hat In Time gears up for release with a speedrunning contest

A Hat in Time

It feels like an eternity has passed since A Hat In Time – Gears for Breakfast’s debut title – first released a playable demo and turned to Kickstarter for funding. Given that it was back in May 2013, it may as well have been forever ago. Undaunted by the passage of time, the game is nearly ready for launch and looking rather spiffing if I might be so bold. In order to give it one last shakedown before it releases on October 5th, the developers are hosting a speedrunning contest for backers & pre-order players.

Times have changed since the Kickstarter, but the PC is a better place than ever to find indie gems.

In order to get involved, players need to download the speedrun challenge build of the game and stream their attempts to clear it on Twitch, submitting a clip of your best run once you’re done trying. So far, the event has been a huge success, with a massive number of entries submitted, and the top 100 viewable on Speedrun.com here. Once the dust settles, anyone that submitted a recording of their attempt will receive an in-game commemorative hat when the game launches. The top 5 players will get a shiny golden version, and a free copy of the game awarded to a random Twitch follower.

The challenge itself looks to be an interesting cross-section of the gameplay. A short section of open platforming in truncated overworld style, a Mario Sunshine-inspired obstacle course where you navigate rotating blocks floating freely in space, and culminating in a chase sequence where you dash through a train that’s exploding around you. It’s all rather nice to look at, too, and the runners seem happy with how free-flowing and technical it is in action, which are good traits to have in a game which the developers intent to be speedrun.

A Hat In Time is due for release on October 5th, and can be pre-ordered for $30 (getting you into the speedrunning contest) via the developer’s own site. The game will be purchasable direct via Steam at launch, and coming to PS4 & Xbox One soon after.