Studio Asobo announces Plague Tale Requiem release date and rat powers

Focus Home finally announced A Plague Tale Requiem release date, and we won't have to wait much longer to experience Amicia and Hugo's new journey

As promised, Studio Asobo finally announced A Plague Tale: Requiem’s release date during a special showcase that debuted an extended look at the stealth game‘s action segments. A Plague Tale: Requiem releases October 18 and will feature ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS support on PC. Along with getting a look at Requiem’s story and combat during the showcase, we also see Hugo wielding his rat powers to send swarms of the rodents after his foes and help avoid fights whenever possible.

A Plague Tale: Requiem follows Hugo and Amicia once again, but this time, they’ve emerged from the slums and sewers of the original game and traveled across the ocean to new lands to make their home. Hugo once again needs protecting, and Amicia steps up to the task, albeit somewhat reluctantly as she’s not too fond of murdering people. A mysterious curse afflicts Hugo, and Amicia is desperate to find a means of lifting it.

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The journey takes them across the Mediterranean, and while they’re pursued yet again by state forces – knights tend to get a bit snarky if you murder some of their comrades – not everyone the siblings meet is out to harm them.


The gameplay sequence Studio Asobo showed during the presentation followed the siblings out of a town, after a kind soul helped them escape from their pursuers, and into some catacombs in an abandoned quarry. Hugo’s curse lets him commune with the rats, borrowing their senses to track the smell of blood, which means he can spot nearby soldiers, even if they’re hiding.

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That’s good news for Amicia, who can handily dispatch an unaware soldier without drawing anyone’s attention – or not, if you want to be a bit noisier and more violent.

Amicia and Hugo discuss how many lives Amicia has taken, with Amicia even commenting that she probably didn’t need to kill quite as many soldiers as she did, but it seems like that pang of conscience is for story purposes only. You still need to kill as many soldiers as you can to get by and in some brutal ways as well. Knife attacks, neck snaps, and fire bombs are all fair game.