England gets rained on in Thrones of Britannia’s moody St George’s Day trailer


It’s St George’s Day, and to celebrate England’s dragon-slaying patron saint, Total War developers Creative Assembly have released an atmospheric new trailer for Thrones of Britannia.

For a full rundown of the game’s factions and news of Norman Knights, here’s everything we know about Thrones of Britannia.

Thrones of Britannia is the first Total War Saga – a spin-off from the venerable strategy series that will focus on a pivotal moment in British history.

“It was under Alfred the Great and his immediate successors that a unified Anglo-Saxon kingdom was first forged”, says game director Jack Lusted. “As the only major kingdom left standing after the Viking Invasion, it was under the banner of Wessex that the lands the Great Viking Army had conquered – known as the Danelaw – were retaken. The name of this kingdom changed from Wessex to England.”

Land of Hope stands out among the many Thrones of Britannia trailers in its grimly beautiful depiction of England in the Dark Ages: all standing stones, misty lakes, and lots and lots of rain.

Thrones of Britannia releases on May 3. In keeping with Creative Assembly tradition, you can get 10% off its launch price of £29.99 ($39.99) if you pre-order, which you can do on Steam here. Creative Assembly are also donating 25% of profits from each pre-order from now until launch to War Child UK, a charity aiming to support children affected by conflict.