Here’s how weapons and powers work in Absolver


Devolver just released a new video for their crunchy-looking 3D brawler, Absolver, detailing the ways in which you can deploy powers during combat. It turns out your special abilities will be governed by a resource that builds up as you battle. 

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That resource is stored in Tension Shards, little crystals that nestle on your hip, rather than in some intrusive UI element. You can store up energy in them and deploy the powers against your foes.

The video shows energy blasts, stamina-sapping moves, and materialising weaponry, including swords and war gloves. Weapons deal more damage than fists and feet, but you have to be careful – a skilled opponent can disarm you and use it against you.

If you like the look of it, pre-orders are now live, ahead of the game’s August 29 launch. Pre-orders get 10% off the total price. There’s also a limited collector’s edition for $74.99, which comes with a wooden mask and a bunch of other bits and bobs.