Abzû looks like a wonderful Journey underwater in new gameplay trailer


PC is absolutely crammed with indies, but we don’t have anything quite like PlayStation’s Journey. Swapping out sliding down sand dunes and gliding through fabric patches, Abzû will have players diving through the ocean depths and swimming in the midst of schools of fish. 

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Abzû really does seem to share a lot with Journey, from the strange, silent protagonist to the beautiful, alien world. There are even mysterious carvings in a unknown language, presumably telling the tale of a lost civilisation.

“Abzû is an epic descent into the depths of the sea where players explore the mystery and wonder of the ocean, while the distinct art style blends beautifully rendered ocean environments alongside a deeply emotional narrative,” says the official blurb.

“As ‘the Diver,’ players will uncover their true connection to the ocean, as the world around them begins to unlock its secrets. Fluid swimming controls allows the Diver to interact with lush kelp forests; thousands of fish and hidden worlds, which await her on her quest.”

Check out the new trailer below: