G2A sellers will have to publicly list their names and address from July

G2A logo

Key marketplace G2A are changing the way they operate from next month, with an update to their terms of service making it mandatory for sellers to display an address. That means any buyers will be able to trace exactly who their purchase is from.

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Because each seller has to agree to the change in the terms of service, this also means G2A sidestep data protection laws, since the sellers will essentially be choosing to display their identity and addresses to their customers, with G2A acting as the middleman.

G2A argue this will help sellers build their own brands, independent of G2A.

“This is another step in making our marketplace more straightforward and accessible,” G2A PR specialist Gabriela Lefanowicz tells PCGN. “By providing more information to buyers and making the process of buying and selling more clear-cut, we are making G2A a better place for our customers. Other changes are planned and will be rolled out in the coming months as well.

“The security and service standards on G2A are already well-above the norm when compared to other marketplaces. The fact that we are bringing in even more positive changes only shows that these still-held fears [from potential buyers] are unnecessary.”

The displaying of seller addresses will be mandatory, though it doesn’t have to be a home address – G2A say they acknowledge that some sellers are businesses.

“These changes are the next logical step towards making our marketplace more transparent,” Lefanowicz explains. “Every [buyer] should be able to know who they are buying from – this applies to G2A as well as to every other marketplace in the world. [Sellers] will now have to be more open to their buyers and provide more information. This is a chance for our sellers to build a real brand for themselves, one that does not only exist within the confines of G2A.”

The information will be included, among other places, on the bills provided to buyers.