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Adr1ft E3 2015 trailer has leaked, getting lost in space never looked more beautiful


Developer Three One Zero first revealed Adr1ft last year at E3, and the short glimpse had us excited for an interactive version of the movie Gravity. The developer has another, longer trailer prepped for E3 this year, but it’s managed to leak like air from an oxygen hose onto the internet. Behold its terrifying zero gravity. 

Three One Zero have made the most of the leak, tweeting to reveal that the entire trailer is made with in-game assets. So what you see is pretty much what we’ll be getting.

Adr1ft is being made for VR too, and Three One Zero received their HTC Vive developer kit from Valve last week. We can expect to see the game on both Vive and Oculus Rift when they launch.