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Adr1ft footage shows how terrifying space is with no oxygen


Developer Three One Zero have released a nine-minute long gameplay video showing lots of footage from Adr1ft, the space-station set zero-gravity game.

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In Adr1ft, you play as an astronaut awakening in a space station that’s clearly undergone some massive destruction. As giant pieces of debris float past, it’s your job to glide through the corridors of the station and discover what’s happened by collecting clues. The exploration-based gameplay make it seem like Gone Home goes to space, with the story being told through the environment. 

Of course, no one in Gone Home died of asphyxiation because the oxygen levels ran down. 

Adr1ft was due to be with us last month, but is now scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2016. It’s been designed with VR in mind, so will support the likes of Oculus Rift.  

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Flappers avatar
Flappers Avatar
2 Years ago

It gives me anxiety just watching the video.

If I had an Oculus Rift and absolutely no common sense on preserving my own mental state, then I'd be picking this up right away