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Aer sees you fly through a beautiful world stalked by a mammoth diamond-headed monster

Aer concept trailer video

Aer’s world is an angular one. Pastel coloured and full of floating islands, it’s not just the harsh geometry that makes it strange. Plus, the fact its denizens can turn into birds, well, that’s not normal either.

The concept video shows that for all its oddities it’s dangerous, too.

According to the game’s site, “you will fly to explore and experience a marvelous yet dying world.” As you explore you’ll discover ancient sacred sites and nomadic tribes. It’s this line that really stands out: “Ultimately you will challenge the gods and save reality itself.”

That creature at the end of the video looks mighty and godlike. Though I don’t like the bird/girl’s odds for taking it on.

Aer is a game that looks to draw from some of the best worlds in gaming, Shadow of the Colossus and Journey. Both created grand landscapes and populated them with sparse but stunning architecture and awe-inspiring creatures. If developer Forgotten Key can come close to those games then we’ll be in for something special.

Cheers, VG247.