Aerobat is an absurdly fast-paced shmup with a drizzle of tactics

aerobat matthew yeager steam greenlight

Every second of Aerobat you’ll ask yourself the same question: “fly or shoot?” You can only do one at once, either frantically thinning out the enemies on screen or trying to weave your aircraft between their swarm.


Aerobat’s currently on Greenlight and it looks like it’s nearly finished.

I was hooked on Luftrausers last year and Aerobat looks like it will scratch a similar itch. Still, in Vlambeer’s shmup you could at least fly and shoot at the same time. Flying with your guns quiet charges up power for your weapons, you’ll then want to launch heavenward and unleash all that stored power as you plummet towards the ocean’s surface.

When you do open up with your weapons you can tear the sky in two with lasers or punch holes in the cloud of enemy fighters with megaton rockets.

Aerobat’s been in development for almost two years and it looks to be largely complete. Developer Matthew Yeager’s recently posted Aerobat up on to Steam Greenlight where you can vote for it gain a place in Valve’s store.