Age of Wushu’s new expansion adds a clan who can forcibly castrate other players. It’s all quite grim


While a good many clubs turn away guys in favour of lady folk, it’s not many a club that requires the removal of testicles before allowing you over the threshold. The Rootless is one of those rare clubs. One of Age of Wushu’s six new factions to be introduced in the upcoming expansion, The Rootless demands all its members be castrated before they’re accepted into the fold.

This isn’t a process that players undergo by choice. Instead, members of The Rootless can team up to pin players down and slice away their… ahem. Puts a whole new spin on the word membership.

Members of The Rootless clan will be able to forcibly castrate other players on their server. The whole process sounds exceptionally grim. Five Rootless members can join up and take on the special quest from one of the NPCs at their headquarters. They head out into the world to track down a player of a high enough level and then attack. When the target’s health is low enough they pin them and begin their work. It takes about two minutes and if they aren’t saved in that time there’s a chance they will be castrated – it’s not a 100% process (how do you mess up a castration, Rootless surgeons? Honestly?).

If the operation is a success, and the mark is de-willied, then they’re invited to join The Rootless clan.

The new expansion is launching on Chinese servers in the next few days. American servers will be remaining one expansion behind for the foreseeable future.

The expansion also brings with it a changing day night cycle.

Cheers, MMO Culture.