Agents of Mayhem will feature the line “my lugnuts are tingling.” Oh, and cars

Agents of Mayhem

A new trailer has released for Agents of Mayhem, showing off its fleet of madcap vehicles. You know, for when you get bored of bounding across rooftops, running up walls, and doing whatever other incredible feats of agility its cast of superheroes can do. 

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It’s only a short one, but the new trailer shows off a raft of vehicles, from cyber-bikes to vinyl-clad sports cars. You may be wondering what the point in vehicles even is, what with there being so many other fun ways to navigate, but you won’t be saying that when you’re dodging cannon fire… from space.

Also, you can jump into a moving car, arse-first, straight through the windscreen. Why would you not want to do that? Oh, and the cars talk to you too. Have a watch of the new trailer above for all that good stuff.

Agents of Mayhem is out August 15 in the US, August 18 everywhere else.