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Agony has 15 minutes of uncensored body horror for you

Agony gameplay

Sometimes a game comes along with a name that tells you everything, and Agony is one of those. If you fancy crawling through a literal hell composed of mashed and contorted human beings, chased by horned monsters, this is the one for you.

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There’s a lengthy new gameplay video doing the rounds that shows you exactly the kind of Dante-esque horror you’re in for. Technically speaking, it’s beautiful – and artistically, it’s grotesque.

I suppose you could call Agony a first-person adventure, although adventure doesn’t sound quite right for a game in which you’re constantly accompanied by the anguished howls of the damned. It’s got bits of stealth and a possession mechanic, but the key draw is those genuinely harrowing environments. You’ll see what I mean once you play the trailer, but be warned – nudity and very deliberately unsettling imagery abound.

We tried Agony when we played and wrote about every single game we were sent in a week, which was an illuminating exercise. What’s heartbreaking is just how many of those games we’d never normally have time for were excellent, or at least fascinating.

Agony is due out sometime in 2017.