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Agricultural Simulator 2013 demo out now


Much like our friends at Sports Interactive, UIG Entertainment have jumped the annualisation gun and are releasing Agricultural Simulator 2013 next Friday, a month early. That means it’s demo time – and this is exactly the sort of game demos were invented for.

The trailer has the vibe of a Channel 4 property development program, and winds up looking likefun:

Agricultural Simulator 2013 lets you set up crops in one of three “different, challenging” maps, set in the USA, Tuscany and The Alps. Players are tasked with producing and selling goods, buying livestock and machinery, and expanding their “rural empire”(!).

New to the series since AS 2012 are another 100 tractors and bits to add on the back of trackers, as well as genuinely impressive-sounding dynamic terrain to be furrowed. Weather conditions will now affect the condition of your vehicles, and you’ll have to pay out to maintain them.

Download the thing here, if you’re so inclined. That was a little Alps farming joke for you. Did you like it?