Agricultural Simulator 2013 has chirpy trailer, 100 vehicles and modifications, is out in November


I can’t help but like that one of Agricultural Simulator 2013’s selling points is “Many different animal species.” After the success of last year’s Agricultural Simulator, publishers UIG Entertainment know exactly what their players want: more tractors and more cows. Click through to see some screenshots and a bevvy of bovine beauties in the official trailer.

Realistic furrows, eh? While some of you might be sniggering, it does all look wonderfully pastoral. Still, if you’re of a particularly sadistic bent then I’m sure you can plough your way through those pigs or go joyriding at anything up to 17 miles per hour.

Although you’ll be managing a farm, it looks like much of the focus is away from spreadsheets or sales charts and instead on the many vehicles and their esoteric attachments. If anyone knows what the red thing in this picture does, please let me know.

Look out for Agricultural Simulator 2013 next month and don’t you dare get it mixed up with Farming Simulator 2013. That’s the one with the disco trailer, remember? Funky.