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The best horror game in years just shadow dropped a shock new DLC

From the makers of Max Payne and Control, the best horror game in years just got better as the new Alan Wake 2 DLC drops out of nowhere.

Alan Wake 2 DLC and physical editions: A sheriff, Tim Breaker, from Remedy horror game Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 is one of the best horror games in years, maybe one of the best ever. Smart, frightening, and full of personality and imagination, it’s testament to the enduring creativity of Max Payne, Control, and Quantum Break developer Remedy. Now, as announced at Summer Game Fest, the Alan Wake 2 physical edition is on its way, as well as a big new Alan Wake 2 DLC, and you’ll be able to play the extra material…probably by the time you read this.

The Alan Wake 2 DLC puts a spin on the eerie in-universe TV show Night Springs. Remedy is creating a series of ‘what if?’ scenarios, whereby you play different characters from across Alan Wake 2 and the wider Remedy universe as they face unusual, terrifying, and, by the looks of it, often funny hypotheticals. You can check out the first trailer for the Alan Wake 2 DLC below. One of the best horror games ever just got even better.

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If you’ve been waiting for more Alan Wake 2, that wait is almost over. Speaking at Summer Game Fest, Remedy creative director Sam Lake confirms that the Night Springs DLC will be available less than 24 hours after the showcase itself. That means the Alan Wake 2 DLC release date is officially Saturday June 8.

Across three Night Springs episodes, Time Breaker, North Star, and Number One Fan, you play as Sheriff Tim Breaker from Alan Wake 2, Jesse Pope from Control, and Rose Marigold, another Alan Wake 2 favorite respectively.

As well as the new DLC, the Alan Wake 2 physical edition is finally on its way, freeing the horror shooter from its digital-only cage. Two physical versions of Alan Wake 2 will be available. These will be available to pre-order on Saturday June 8 and they’re expected to launch in October 2024.

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