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‘Alan Wake’s Return’ trademark registered by Quantum Break developer Remedy

Alan Wake

Fan hopes for a proper Alan Wake sequel have been rekindled after a trademark for ‘Alan Wake’s Return’ was registered by series developer Remedy.

Alan Wake was pretty good. In fact, it made our list of PC’s best horror games.

The timing certainly makes sense, what with the imminent release of Remedy’s time manipulating cover shooter Quantum Break on April 5. Could an Alan Wake sequel be the next game on the cards for Remedy?

Under construction website alanwakesreturn.com, which Remedy acquired last year, would certainly suggest so.

Almost a year ago Remedy released video of an Alan Wake 2 prototype, so it was clearly on the agenda at one point and the developers refused to rule out a return to that world.

“I do hope we get an opportunity to work on Alan Wake 2,” said Remedy’s Sam Lake. “I want to do more Wake at some point.”

We contacted Remedy to see what the deal was and we got a very enlightening “no comment” from Thomas Puha, Remedy’s PR director. Don’t be surprised if we get an official announcement at this year’s E3.