Alien Rage is the new name for Alien Fear. Identity crisis resolved in new trailer


City Interactive’s co-op shooter Alien Fear is dead. Long live Alien Rage. It’s the same game but renamed to strip away any sense of being a fraidy cat, I presume. That or it’s because Alien Fear suggests the it’s a survival horror game instead of a shoot all the things game.

Whatever the case, to alleviate any confusion City Interactive have released a new trailer showing Alien Rage in all its shooting, exploding, smashing glory.

Now, I don’t know if there was any actual in-game footage mixed in with that video but, tonally, Alien Rage looks like a blast. My only quibble is that a lot of the things being shot/exploded into shribbons looked like robots, not aliens.

Due out later this year, Alien Rage has a simple goal: “Solve all your problems with a gun – don’t look for keycards, don’t push on buttons, just point your gun and pull the trigger, demolishing the environment as you go.”

That’s a goal I can get behind.

Cheers, VG247.