Forget Half-Life 2, man of good taste Simon Miller is here to reveal the real best games ever made | PCGamesN

Forget Half-Life 2, man of good taste Simon Miller is here to reveal the real best games ever made

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Everyone loves a list feature. A good ol’ top 10, a snazzy greatest seven. That’s why we’ve roped Simon Miller in to give you a listicle for the ages. It’s not just Miller’s personal top eight games, it’s the real best eight games ever. The indisputable classics regardless of opinion. It’s time to get well prepared; you’re not ready for this kind of truth. 

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There are several games that you won’t find on this list. Titles like Portal, Grand Theft Auto, and BioShock. They may be good enough for lesser, subjective lists, but these are the REAL best games. Ever. Miller’s had enough of you being mollycoddled by lesser critics. There are games with far more important legacies. It’s time they got the limelight. 

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Recluse avatarBraveToaster avatartetris42 avatarhfm avatar
Recluse Avatar
11 Months ago

Just give it up already

BraveToaster Avatar
11 Months ago

it's funny, but not "ha ha" funny

tetris42 Avatar
11 Months ago

The look on his face for this thumbnail kind of sums up how I feel about this entire series. Simon's presentation is fine, but his attempts at being the opposite of what he means are kind of painful to watch. I think he'd be a lot better if he just did normal presentation, but adding his own jokes and quips to spice it up.

hfm Avatar
11 Months ago

There were a few fleeting moments of amusement in this one, but the constant crap talk about gamers/nerds/geeks being a bunch of wankers not worthy to flush the toilet for this dude is super old.