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Aliens: Colonial Marines survivor trailer puts the cat amongst the pigeons. The cat has acid for blood, mind


Not content with making us soil ourselves with Alien, Aliens, Alien Versus Predator, and Alien Versus Predator 2 (movies for the former two, games for the latter two), Gearbox are hard at work on Aliens: Colonial Marines. While the singleplayer will likely end up being a heavily scripted jump shooter, the multiplayer has always been the long-lasting meat of the Alien games. Nothing quite like having a few friends be torn apart by xenomorphs to get the ol’ fear gland swelling.

The latest trailer shows off survivor mode. No one gets out alive.

Survivor mode has four players see how long they can last against waves and waves of aliens. You’re not underequipped, mind. Before the waves begin you can set up sentry guns, weld doors shut, stock up on guns and ammo.

Once the waves start coming in your defences will be tested and then beaten. They’ll always be beaten. They’ll always get in. There’s no stopping them, man. They’re in the walls.Game over, man.Game over.

This video follows the Escape mode reveal- which to us looked veeeeery Left4Dead.

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The Aliens Colonial Marines PC release date is February 12 2013. C
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