Aliens vs. Predator mod for Crysis recreates Rebellion classic


Even Rebellion struggled to recreate the tension of their own 1999 PC FPS, but Crysis modder oldschool.Dave is well on the way to reconstructing Aliens vs. Predator’s Marines section, replete with the dull blip of the radar, destructible lights, globules of green acid and assault rifle noises recorded from inside a reinforced tin can. It’s called Aliens vs. Marines, and there’s a video floating about, gamely roleplayed by its creator. See it below.

It’s mostly tech demo, of course, but did you see what happened to that chair? Nasty.

Aliens vs. Marines isa principled remake of an FPS with rules now, ah, alien in contemporary game design. Its maker promises “really fast aliens, no autoheal, no scripted events, no quicksave” and “no f*cking wallhack!”. Excited?

Thanks, Kotaku.