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Free Steam keys: Win a copy of All Walls Must Fall, a tactics game driven by the beat of the Berlin club scene!

All Walls Must Fall

It is 2089 and the Cold War never ended. The two sides have been observing and countering each other’s moves for 150 years. Now it’s reached the point that nuclear warfare is the only way to resolve the conflict. This is the premise from which tech-noir tactics game All Walls Must Fall time warps you into its tense isometric action.

All Walls Must Fall takes inspiration from the usual suspects – X-Com and Syndicate – but also brushes shoulders with its indie game peers, absorbing ideas and mechanics from the likes ofThe Banner Saga,Braid,Superhot,andCrypt of the Necrodancer.

To that end, it has you playing as an agent who is sent back in time to prevent the world-ending attack of 2089. You must find who started it and put an end to it at any cost. It all takes place during a single night in Berlin, where you are given time-manipulation abilities to get through the procedurally generated levels and more structured set-pieces.

The result is a game with a Berlin nightclub aesthetic. Not only are you bounding across dance floors at times, you’re planning moves and executing them to a beat, using the pausable real-time system. You’re in and out of shadows, dodging gunfire, and making larger decisions that will have you reflect on the parable of free will and moral ambiguity.

Currently, All Walls Must Fall is available on Steam Early Access. You can grab it for yourself right now and expect monthly updates that improve and expand on the game ready for its release in 2018. But we are giving away ten copies of the game right here – if you want in, all you’ve got to do is enter the competition via the widget below.

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