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Allison Road could be our Silent Hills replacement, and it’s on Kickstarter now

Allison Road

As the last drops of Konami’s AAA production apparently dribble down the plug hole, so do our last hopes of ever seeing Silent Hills. But that doesn’t matter, because a small indie studio is making a terrifying horror game in the mould of PT: the teaser game for Silent Hills that’s set entirely in one house. 

Searching for £250,000, indie studio Lilith intends to create a disturbing, psychological survival horror set in a perfectly detailed suburban house. Studio head Chris Kesler was originally working on the game alone, but as time has gone by the developer has expanded to include a handful of veterans from the game and movie worlds, including people who have worked on The Avengers and Gabriel Knight.

Lilith have used the Unreal Engine 4 to create an accurate depiction of a house, which thanks to it’s realistic dimensions and attention to details feels creepily realistic. Of course, things get weird fast as blood starts to drop down from the ceiling.

The game is being developed for PC, with Mac and Linux ports a possibility if stretch goals are met. VR is also a big part of the experience, and will surely make the house further more terrifying.

If a slow, claustrophobic horror is what you’re looking for, consider throwing a few pounds in Lilith’s direction over at the Allison Road Kickstarter page.