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PT-inspired Allison Road might make up for the Silent Hills we’re not getting

Allison Road

PT was an experimental Silent Hills demo directed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro. Despite the triumphant return of Metal Gear Solid to the PC, we only got a look at it by peering through the windows of PlayStation’s horror-house. Now it’s been pulled from the console, and its parent game cancelled outright.

PT did trigger something though, aside from the ‘emergency eject’ function of PS4 owners’ bowels. The development of Allison Road – a psychological horror game set in a single British house.

Christian Kesler began work on the game two weeks after the release of PT, and now heads a six-person team. Like Kojima and Del Toro’s work, Allison Road is a first-person creep through domesticism bordering on photo-realism. And as in PT, you share the place with an awful creature that passingly resembles a person.

“I grew up with Silent Hill,” Kesler told GamesRadar. “I feel truly blessed that some folks out there are giving us a chance to grab a spot alongside something like that, and we’ll do our best to live up to it.”

But Allison Road has its own vibe and goals. Its puzzles won’t be contrary or crowd-solved, but rather parts of a murder mystery the player will need to get to the bottom of. It’ll share a sense of place and incidental detail with Gone Home.

“The whole idea of Allison Road is that the player should get completely immersed in the fact that they are in a real house,” said Kesler. “In their house.”

Hmm! You can follow development over on the busy Allison Road Facebook page. Fancy a fright?