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Viral horror game boasting 1.5 billion views gets surprise sequel

Amanda the Adventurer 2, the sequel to a viral horror hit on the level of Five Nights At Freddy's and Poppy Playtime, is coming out in 2024.

Viral horror game announces surprise sequel: A cartoon girl waving her hand, Amanda from Amanda the Adventurer 2.

Sometimes, a horror game blows up on Twitch and YouTube and reaches a massive audience. In the past, we’ve seen this happen with Five Nights At Freddy’s, Poppy Playtime, Slender, and, most recently, Content Warning. Alongside these hits is Amanda the Adventurer, which came out on Steam last year and has managed to rack up an astounding 1.5 billion views on YouTube related to it thanks to the fervent attention fans of the horror game have provided. Now, the small studio behind the first game is looking to continue its success with the announcement of a sequel, Amanda the Adventurer 2, slated to come out this year.

Amanda the Adventurer 2 looks to expand on the first horror game with a deeper dive into the deceptively friendly world of the early ’00s CGI cartoon introduced in its predecessor. As before, the fictional ‘Amanda the Adventurer’ show unfolds through video tapes found by protagonist Riley Park. In the first game, Riley discovers the tapes after inheriting her aunt’s home and, while watching them, begins to realize that the cartoon characters Amanda, a little girl who resembles Dora the Explorer, and Wooly, a sheep, are trying to communicate with her.

The sequel will continue the story told in the first game, seeing Riley seeking further information about the cartoon through a library while Amanda continues trying to manipulate her — and free herself from the tapes — by bridging the gap between the TV world and reality. This takes the form of puzzles that involve interacting with Amanda and exploring the library.

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A demo for Amanda the Adventurer 2 will come out during Steam Next Fest, which is set to run from June 10 – 17. The full game will launch on PC sometime in 2024.

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