Amazon offers interest-free financing for gaming PC parts

Amazon now has an interest-free payment plan for PC components

Amazon has introduced a new payment system that lets you pay for gaming PCs and PC parts in monthly payments, and all without added finance charges or hidden fees. Sound too good to be true? It’s not, apparently.

According to Amazon this scheme covers the following categories in its store: laptops, desktop PCs, tablets, monitors, computer components, drives and storage, memory, networking, and computer accessories.

What this programme gives you, then, is the option to buy that $2000 PC you want right now, and not worry about paying for it all immediately. You can break down the hefty price tags of gaming hardware into monthly manageable payments – similar to how you pay for a contract phone.

However, there are some restrictions to consider before you throw your bank card at the screen. The number of months is currently fixed at five with Amazon charging the card attached to the account in equal monthly payments.

As Destructoid notes, the system will charge you the first fifth of the payment when you initially start the process, Amazon then ships your product to you, leaving you to pay the remaining balance over the following four months. Although this five-month system is fixed, you can prepay the full remaining balance at any time.

However, as with all great offers, there are a number of conditions. It seems you must be based in the US, have an account that’s more than a year old, have a credit card linked to their account, and have a good payment history.

Another point of note is that this offer is only available on certain products so make sure you double check before you set your heart (or wallet) on something. If you’re looking into some new hardware then it’s worth taking a look at the best gaming PC builds of 2018 – it’ll help if you need some pointers.