Amazon Prime Day isn’t just for clearing stock this year

Amazon Prime Day

High-capacity SSDs, powerful PC tablets or streaming wonders, there actually are a few genuine bargains to be had out there this Prime Day.

Sadly there are precious few peripherals on the deals front, but if you’re in the market for the Best Gaming Mouse we’ve got a few options for you.

As a light taster for the consumer craziness Black Friday has become, last year’s inaugral Prime Day was derided mostly for being an exercise in shifting ropey old stock no-one wanted. This year though we’ve picked a few diamonds out of the deals rough, which might just make signing up for a free Amazon Prime trial worth the paperwork.

Unfortunately that’s a necessity – if you want to take part in any of the Prime Day fun you’ve got to be a card-carrying member of Amazon’s subscription service.

To be fair, the full Prime enchilada is one of the best deals in the tech world. With the £79 annual sub netting you free next-day and weekend delivery on a host of products (great for when you want to pretend you haven’t forgotten a birthday or Father’s Day), unlimited photo storage, a vast library of books available from the Kindle Lending Library and access to Amazon Prime Video, where you can watch the first season of Preacher stumble along in its down home country way. Lucky you.

To save you some effort on this Prime Day though we’ve plucked a few bargains out of the sales swamp because they might just be worth your time. But because these are all Prime Day deals, they’re only on for 24 hours…and while stocks last.

Crucial MX300 750GB

  • Crucial have only recently launched their 750GB MX300 SSDand, with a 36% saving on its £171 price from yesterday, it’s pretty much the cheapest high-capacity SSD you’ll find.
    View this deal at just £109.99 at Amazon.

  • Sticking with the SSD theme, SanDisk’s 480GB Ultra II is available today with a 24% saving on its pricing of yesterday.
    View this deal at just £76.99 at Amazon.

  • You can save £17 on yesterday’s price for Logitech’s G633 Artemis Spectrum headset. It’s a gaming headset with impressive clarity and without the normal heavy-handed bass we generally associate with ‘gaming’ focused cans.
    View this deal at£67.99 at Amazon.

Nvidia Shield

  • If you want to get your PC playing on your living room TV, without having to lug your hulking gaming rig downstairs, then Nvidia’s Shield box is a great choice with 33% off today. You can wire it into your network directly via a standard ethernet port and download Limelight to give you a solid 1080p/60fps stream from any game on your PC.
    View this deal at just £99.99 at Amazon.

  • And if you’re after a powerful tablet that might also be capable of a little light gaming in its own right, as well as being a really solid Steam In-Home Streaming device, then Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is on sale today too. You can bag the Core i5 version for the same price as the lowly Core m3 version, saving nearly £200.
    View this deal at just £749.99 at Amazon.

There are also a host of Lightning Deals (offers only available for a few hours) going down today too, but we’ve had a look through the options and wouldn’t get too concerned with trawling Amazon for them if we were you.

That way clearance stock lies…