Amazon Prime Day hath arrived – wallets rejoice

Amazon Prime Day is now here, and we've picked out a selection of deals for you, including gaming mice, headsets, gaming chairs and more

A white desk complete with RGB peripherals

Amazon Prime Day is upon us once again, and though it’s not the Black Friday killer that Amazon might have hoped for, it still presents an opportunity for Prime subscribers to enjoy some rather fantastic PC gaming deals. Whether you want a new keyboard, monitor, or SSD, it makes sense to enhance your setup while there are so many discounts available.

Even if you’re not a subscriber, you can still enjoy the Amazon Prime Day deals. How? Well, you just need to sign up for the free Prime trial for the duration of the two-day deals… day, and then if you’re not interested in keeping the account, you can cancel it afterwards.

So go ahead, set up your free trial, then go and then go and browse merrily through the countless bargains that are available for this joyous occasion.

Here’s a breakdown of a few of the best Amazon Prime Day deals.

Best gaming mouse deals

The best gaming mouse could revolutionise your gaming experience and right now you can find some really fantastic models at discount rates. Below, we have selected a number of highlights, and you can click here for all the Amazon Prime Day gaming mice deals.

Best gaming headset deals

A game’s soundscapes can go a long way towards creating a truly immersive experience. How can you lose yourself in a far-off world, when your mate Craig has vuvuzela practice in the next room? Click here to see all the deals or grab one of the discounts below so you can enjoy your games and Craig can still prepare for the big recital:

Best gaming chair deals

Frankly, gaming chairs are expensive, so it’s always prudent to buy them during times like Amazon Prime Day. If you still don’t have a dedicated gaming chair and just sit on a sack of potatoes or something, you should definitely get one for the ergonomic benefits. Click here to see all the gaming chair deals, or browse some highlights below:

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