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Amazon Prime Day July 2024: dates and early PC gaming deals

Amazon Prime Day is back and we’re on hand to share all of the best Prime Day deals on everything from gaming monitors to headsets

Amazon Prime Day deals flying out of an Amazon box.

Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner, and we’re gearing up to bring together all the best deals in one place. For 2024, the Amazon Prime Day sales event takes place July 16 –  17. Based on previous years, we expect you to get discounts on loads of great PC hardware.

Prime Day presents the perfect opportunity for gamers looking to get their hands on the best SSD for gaming at a reduced rate or upgrade their setup and bag one of the best gaming monitors.

So when will the sale go live? Who can take advantage of the Prime Day deals? Are there any early deals available now? If you have questions about Amazon Prime Day, this guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Amazon has not yet listed any of its Prime Day deals, but we’re sure they will soon. It’s common to find early Prime Day deals in the days leading up to the main attraction. Don’t fret though – there are still quite a few juicy deals.

Best Amazon PC hardware deals ahead of Prime Day 2024

Those hungry for an appetizer before the main event should check out all the deals that are already up and running:

Remember, if you want to benefit from the discounts, you will need to be an active Prime subscriber. If you don’t fancy paying for another ongoing subscription, just take out the 30-day free trial – you’ll still have access to all the Prime Day deals. Just remember to cancel before the trial is over.

When it comes to selecting reduced items to buy, it’s important to make sure that you’re adequately vetting every deal, to ensure that it’s actually offering a viable discount. That’s why, when we select items to add to our deals hub, we always take the time to research when the item was at its lowest ever price and how much that price was, compared to what Amazon is currently offering it for.

Unfortunately, Amazon (and other retailers) sometimes opt to hike prices up just before a deals event, in a bid to make the discounts being offered seem better than they actually are.

Best gaming mouse deals ahead of Prime Day

Best gaming monitor deals ahead of Prime Day

Best gaming keyboard deals ahead of Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day FAQs

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is a two-day event where there are deals on almost every category on Amazon, including PC gaming. Prime Day occurs a few times a year, with the deals on offer exclusively to those with a Prime membership. Unlike the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events, which are open to anyone, Prime events are reserved for Prime members only.

When is Amazon Prime Day?

This year, Amazon Prime Day takes place from Tuesday, 16 July, and runs through to the end of Wednesday, 17 July. If you’re lucky, you may find a few lingering bargains after, but you can’t count on any individual bargain that pops up during the sale to stay around after.

How do I get the best Prime Day deals?

In order to benefit from the Amazon Prime Day deals, you need to sign up for an Amazon Prime membership. Join Amazon Prime and get a free 30-day trial.

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