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AMD are really rude about their competitors in this advert


Ssshh, nobody say NVIDIA. That’s what AMD won’t quite say in this short made to promote their Radeon HD 7900 series. What they will say is that their unnamed competitor is three years behind them, and is the graphics leader only “for MOBAL PHONES”.

Good one, AMD. Sick burn. Sigh.

In the video below, a man who looks a bit like Jeremy Renner or the abs guy off 90210 but isn’t either breaks into a stranger’s house to replace his graphics card for him.

I like the idea of a metre-long hammer as a concealed weapon, but the actual hitting things part always turns out a bit lacklustre, doesn’t it?

And isn’t all of this just bad form? Not to mention a tad misleading – it was Nvidia who came out swinging for the PC at E3, after all.