AMD hint at upcoming TressFX technology: potentially a fancy new hair rendering technique


AMD are teasing what appears to be fancy new hair rendering tech, which could get to the root of the long-standing problem developers have with keratin realistic looking ‘dos in games. It’s called TressFX, and it’s being hinted at with a single frame of lady with lovely long swishy hair next to the tagline “Render. Rinse. Repeat”. The full reveal is coming February 26, which is tomorrow, so you’ll only have to wait follicle while.

AMD are going so far as toboldly promise “a new frontier of realism in PC gaming”, which suggests that the TressFX tech might have some utility beyond just realistic hair, perhaps bringing new levels of definition to a range of hair-like materials such as fur, grass, kelp and crowds of upturned octopuses. At any rateit could at least be a step away from the convenient bald marine archetype and towards a generation of luxuriously locked and de-helmeted heroes with flowing, lustrous, shiny andhealthy hair.

We’ll find out precisely what TressFX means and how AMD plan to market and implement it tomorrow.