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AMD joins the NASDAQ-100 index, shoulder-to-shoulder with Nvidia and Intel

AMD joins NASDAQ-100 index

From the 24th of December onward, AMD will be listed on the NASDAQ-100 index. Happy holidays, Dr. Su! The NASDAQ stock exchange is the place to be for Silicon Valley’s finest, and the red team has finally ticked over the market capitalisation requirement to warrant a spot on the massive stock exchange’s all-important list of its largest and most financially mammoth companies.

The NASDAQ is the second largest stock exchange in the world, falling short only to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). It has attracted the likes of some of the world’s most prevalent and wealthy companies. That includes those of which PC gamers are all too familiar with: Activision Blizzard, Intel, Nvidia, Micron, and Microsoft have all made the cut at one point or another.

AMD has now proven itself worthy of joining this prestigious pack of A-list companies, a testament to its renewed efforts in both the CPU and server world against long-time rivals, Intel. Since the beginning of 2016, AMD share price has risen over 804%, spiking up to a value of $33 a piece back in September.

“2018 has been another exciting year for AMD as we delivered new high-performance computing and graphics products for the gaming, PC and datacenter markets,” Ruth Cotter, senior VP of marketing, HR, and IR, says. “Joining the NASDAQ-100 Index further demonstrates the progress we’ve made in recent years to transform the company, execute our long-term strategy and deliver a robust product and technology roadmap.”

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After a brief moment in the spotlight on Wall Street, AMD lost some of its newfound share value after falling short of a revenue target back in Q3. AMD’s stock has levelled out with the rest of the year since, however.

As of this very moment AMD’s share price is 2.53% up at $18.63 a piece.

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