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AMD's Navi graphics card architecture may be "just as bad" as Vega

AMD Vega performance

Rumours have appeared online that the next-generation architecture after AMD’s upcoming Navi may be ditching GCN cores altogether. This speculation has also led to questions regarding Navi’s direction, and what to expect from the upcoming and not-too-distant graphics card generations from the red team.

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Recent rumours have been speculating that post-Navi will see the end of AMD’s geriatric Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture - which has been struggling somewhat to scale alongside the competition. AMD’s upcoming Navi architecture will be built on a new iteration of the GCN architecture, although potentially utilising multiple GPU cores sewn together with some variant of AMD’s Infinity Fabric to counterbalance the ageing GCN design.

Tweaktown attempted to reach out for confirmation on the rumours, and while they received no clarification on the matter of the GCN architecture being booted out the door, they did hear that supposedly the Navi architecture development wasn’t going too well, being “just as bad” as Vega, and that AMD’s RTG team have very little direction going forward. If true, this is a somewhat expected symptom of ex-RTG chief Raja Koduri’s untimely departure to Intel.

According to Tweaktown’s unnamed sources, Navi will be a refined Vega generation and could potentially be a disaster - as they also claim the Vega architecture was itself. It wouldn't be surprising to see the next-gen architecture - following Navi - ditch the ageing and seemingly unscalable GCN architecture. With RTG under new leadership, it seems like potentially the right time to make the change, however, this all still remains unsubstantiated by AMD so far.

AMD GPU Roadmap

The architecture beyond Navi remains unconfirmed by the red team - only indicated by ‘next-gen’ on roadmaps for around 2020, and that it will arrive on 7nm+. AMD CEO and president Lisa Su confirmed at a pre-CES event that AMD’s leapfrogging design teams are already hard at work on the next-gen architecture, however.

“We continue to make excellent progress on the Navi architecture, and you’ll hear more about Navi as we take that into 7nm.” Su says “And we have another development team that’s already started work on the next-gen graphics in 7nm+.”

CTO Mark Papermaster also reiterated Su’s comments on the upcoming GPU architectures.

“Our Navi design is very exciting, that microarchitecture is going to bring several key improvements. And as well leap-frogging design teams into next-gen with 7nm+ and further performance per Watt enhancements”

Unfortunately, we still have very little indication on the post-Navi generation and these rumours seem entirely speculative so far. It surely is reaching somewhat the end of the road for the GCN design, but when this foundational change will happen is still unknown as of yet. With new leadership in place at RTG, current roadmaps are likely to be subject to considerable changes before they come to pass.

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BitBleed avatarDave James avatarhogey74 avatar
BitBleed Avatar
1 Month ago

You must be kidding , Who wrote this article ? Some 16 year old Fanboy ?

"As bad as Vega" Vega was great , Vega 64 out performed 1080 , Vega 56 outperformed 1070 and 1070Ti , And Vega is a great architecture when it comes to higher resolutions

Not to mention great compute power compared to similar Nvidia gaming lineup

The price of AMD GPUs are a tricky subject , What people don't take into account is that AMD GPUs are so good for mining that miners bought almost all of them , And there's a shortage of memory chips too that's why you're seeing prices more than MSRP ratings

So no dude , Vega wasn't bad , Far from it , AMD proved it had a superior architecture in DX12 and specially Vulkan

I really feel sorry for your side tho , Not investing in good writers , gonna cost you views and ultimately revenue

Dave James Avatar
1 Month ago

Nah mate, I don't have to be a fanboy as we have access to whatever hardware we want to put in our gaming PCs. We can purely base our positions on what gives us the best performance and not on some bizarre notion of hardware tribalism.

Realistically the Vega 64 performs somewhere in between a GTX 1080 and a GTX 1070, and very, very rarely ever gets beyond the GTX 1080.

Certainly not in terms of gaming. You can cherry pick a few specific examples where it might compete, but it doesn't outperform the GeForce cards in a broad sweep of games.

That's not based on opinion, that's based on thorough testing.

Regarding pricing, what you say is certainly the case now, but at launch the mining side of things wasn't as big a concern. At that point the miners were still chasing down all the RX 470 cards they could get their hands on because of the mix of hashing performance and low power draw.

At launch AMD bumped the price of Vega because they choose to fit the consumer version of Vega with the ultra-expensive, low volume, HBM2, and couldn't afford to keep the price as low as the artificial launch 'offer'.

And the "as bad as Vega" quote reportedly came from sources close to the matter, which is what we were reporting on.

Kind of feel sorry for you now... not investing in reading.

hogey74 Avatar
3 Weeks ago

Um what? Have you not followed the results? AMD lags significantly across the benchmarks and this is reflected in all the aggregators. And given the inflated prices due to the miners and lack of adequate supply, you can only justify an AMD if you really want to go with AMD. They give significantly less bang for buck, sadly. I think we'd all love to given nvidia the flick but AMD haven't even tried to compete on price. If they were serious they'd have flooded the market with stuff that has inferior performance but superior value.

And to be honest, you start your post with a put-down and then expect people to listen to you? What are you, an American basement dwelling polaroid? Just want to get online and tell the world how angry and sad you are by trolling? Dude. Life is good. Make someone happy and share good vibes.