Performance benchmarks show AMD's Raven Ridge steamrolling 7th Gen APUs

AMD AM4 chip

New information regarding AMD’s, Zen/Vega, Raven Ridge APU has surfaced online, thanks to Guru3D. Geekbench 4 has yet again provided us with some valuable information on the first Ryzen Mobile APUs from AMD. Replacing the laggardly Bulldozer-based Bristol Ridge chips on the AM4 platform, Raven Ridge is promising a lot with its Vega-powered silicon.

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The latest Ryzen 5 2600U mobile APU performance puts it well ahead of previous 7th generation desktop APUs in Geekbench 4 CPU benchmarking. If AMD can offer high graphics performance within their next APUs, thanks to Vega Mobile Graphics, they could remove some of the limitations currently facing gaming laptops in size, performance, and battery life.

AMD are promising the Ryzen Mobile Raven Ridge parts will deliver on performance, while maintaining low TDP and price point. At the AMD investor meeting earlier in the year, AMD indicated 50% more CPU performance, and 40% more GPU performance, all while using 50% less power. Ryzen Mobile would certainly make an impact if AMD could deliver on these numbers. The Ryzen 5 2500U in Geekbench 4 seems to indicate that, for the most part, AMD are well on their way towards hitting these targets.

Raven Ridge Ryzen Mobile graph

Two APUs have emerged so far, the 2500U and the 2700U, which will utilise Vega 8 and 10 mobile graphics cores respectively.

Geekbench benchmarks indicate a 37% increase on single-core testing with a Ryzen 5 2500U APU compared with AMD’s top 7th generation APU, the A12-9800. Raven Ridge also performs 49% better in multi-core testing against the last generation, which is expected to have performance gains thanks to Raven Ridge’s extra threads.

AMD’s last generation A12-9800 is a desktop chip, and capable of running at up to 4.2GHz, while the Ryzen 5 2500U is supposedly easily defeating it’s 65W TDP last-gen rival at only 2.0GHz. For a mobile APU, the 2500U should also feature a much lower TDP than its desktop counterpart.

How Vega Mobile Graphics performs within Raven Ridge chips is key to their success. Vega cores are not well-known for their power efficiency, although mobile APUs are expected to only feature eight to ten Vega compute units. How far Vega cores need to be stepped down on clockspeed for low-power mobile chips could make all the difference in performance. What could help, however, is Vega’s apparent love for undervolting, which has helped people hit higher clockspeeds on their desktop chips with lower power.

Raven Ridge Ryzen Mobile roadmap

AMD only recently managed to release their Bulldozer-based Bristol Ridge APUs into retail channels, previously only available to OEMs. Unsurprisingly, these APUs haven’t make a massive splash on the market as they're already over a year old. Here’s hoping Ryzen Mobile doesn’t feature the same delay.

Earlier in the year, AMD released roadmaps promising Ryzen Mobile chips would roll out before the end of the year, followed by Ryzen Pro and Raven Ridge Desktop models in the first half of 2018.

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Gan Xodos avatarDave James avatarMusicHaven avatar
Gan Xodos Avatar
1 Month ago

Can't wait to see a surface come with something like this!

Dave James Avatar
1 Month ago

I just really hope laptop makers actually make use of the Zen/Vega combo. Some super lightweight machines, with integrated Vega GPU power, could make for great little 1080p gaming ultrabooks.

MusicHaven Avatar
6 Days ago

I'm hoping for AMD to finally have some competition for the laptop market as their APUs are generally not great and are plenty slow.