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AMD’s Ryzen chips drastically drop in price ahead of Black Friday

AMD Ryzen 7 1800X performance

Updated November 22, 2017: AMD’s Ryzen and Threadripper processors have been subject to some pretty hefty price reductions this last week. Computerbase have got in touch with retailers in Germany regarding the preemptive Black Friday discount, and they believe it will only continue until December 2nd.

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These prices have been great news for consumers umming and arring over a potential upgrade to the red team’s latest processor range, although sadly this is not continuing up until the arrival of Pinnacle Ridge, or at least into the new year. Regardless, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth and all that – get ‘em while they’re cheap!

Original story November 20, 2017: Maybe it’s Black Friday looming, or maybe AMD are hoping to step to Intel while they are having stock difficulties, either way, prices for AMD Ryzen and Threadripper chips have dropped drastically in Europe – and we’re expecting this trend to catch on worldwide.

Over the last weekend, Hardware.Info noticed something peculiar on some German and Dutch etailers, contrary to the norm for the second half of 2017, tech prices are actually going down. You heard me. Despite the bells ringing doom repeatedly for DRAM, NAND Flash, graphics cards, and just silicon in general, it seems AMD didn’t get the memo.

It may just be the upcoming post-Thanksgiving retail fervour, but prices for AMD’s Ryzen and Threadripper CPUs are already dropping by a considerable amount, around 15 – 30% – and it’s not just in Germany and the Netherlands either. Pricing has already dropped on Overclockers UK, with the eight-core/sixteen-thread Ryzen 7 1800X down from £429 to £290. For £729 you can even pick up AMD’s 16-core monster Threadripper 1950X chip, down from £930. Customers are reporting pricing drops across the globe, yet AMD have confirmed no details of price reductions so far.

This news couldn’t come at a worse time for Intel, considering they are struggling to simply get processors out to customers at MSRP, let alone with considerable price reductions. Although full stock levels may be appearing sooner rather than later. Team red on the other hand seem in a much more welcoming position to the upcoming shopping extravaganza, with their Ryzen processors reaching close to end-of-life status as AMD’s Pinnacle Ridge is just over the horizon, yet not close enough to deter potential sales… as far as we know, anyways.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper release date

We weren’t expecting Black Friday this year to have much in store for us tech heads. With worldwide shortages of nearly every component under the sun, and production seemingly only getting worse from here on out, it would be a miracle just to see prices drop to the average prices of yesteryear, especially in the graphics card department.

Whether or not this drop in price is a permanent feature, only time will tell. But, if AMD aren’t afraid of a little less late-game income, this price reduction could surely nerf any and all advantage Intel have gained with their latest Coffee Lake processors and leaving AMD in a strong position leading up to their Pinnacle Ridge, Ryzen refresh processors.

We don’t know how long these deals will be continuing for, and users are already reporting similar deals across multiple other countries, so keep an eye out in your locale. AMD’s Ryzen already ranks almighty in our best CPU for gaming roundup, and with these new price reductions these high-core count processors are even more attainable, and even more competitive, than ever.