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AMD’s CEO lets slip Windows 10’s release date

windows 10 release date amd

AMD CEO Lisa Su let slip Windows 10’s release date in a financial call with investors last week, saying Microsoft’s new OS would be out “at the end of July”.

While this isn’t an official confirmation Su is very likely to be in the know as AMD will have been working with Microsoft on DirectX 12 and a whole myriad of OS compatibility issues for their hardware.

The news came out in a call with investors after a representative from J.P. Morgan asked how AMD were planning to introduce new hardware to the market while selling off their current line. Su explained tthat they were holding off ramping up the marketing and release of their Carrizo technology until later in the year, “factoring in … the Windows 10 launch at the end of July.”

Microsoft have been saying that they plan to release Windows 10 towards the end of 2015, July seems a little early for that but not unfeasible. Also, it could be that there will be a second, more complete beta release after the current technical beta ends.

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