AMD’s new Fiji card is water cooled and tiny

AMD Fiji

Rumour time: it looks like AMD are about to unveil a brand new generation of graphics cards. Dubbed the Fiji, it’s a very small-form graphics card with high bandwidth memory, topped with a watercooled system rather than air fans. A leak has dropped some images onto the web, and it’s quite a strikingly designed card. 

AMD Fiji

Rumoured to be called the Fiji 390X, the board itself looks to be around a third shorter than regular graphics cards, which is due to no longer requiring memory surrounding the GPU itself. The images found by show the distinct lack of fans, instead having a smooth, flat finish with barb inlets for water cooling.

A second image from WCCFTech shows the rear of the card, which sports three full-size DisplayPort connections and one HDMI. DVI and VGA are dead, it would seem.

AMD Fiji

Adding more fuel to the rumour is a tweet from EA’s technical director on Frostbite, which shows a photograph of the short Radeon-branded card.

AMD is holding a Future Graphics Technology event at 9am PST, which can be watched live on Twitch. Expect this rumour to be confirmed or denied there.

Thanks, PC Perspective and Neogaf.