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AMD say that “there should be a performance advantage” for this generation’s PC ports


“Because it’s our architecture there [in the PS4 and Xbox One), it’s easier to port the games,” said AMD’s vice president Matt Skynner. “And because they’re first developed on our hardware, there should be a performance advantage. They should run better on our hardware.”

“Couple years ago when we saw how the console thing was gonna shake out, we thought how can we leverage this to a better Radeon gaming solution across other markets,” Skynner told Forbes.

“So if we can create that performance advantage on the PC, from a graphics point of view, then we can give our customers a better gaming experience and grow our market share.”

There’s an awful lot of shoulds in those quotes. While architecture is shared between the chips they’re not identical so there will still be hurdles for developers porting to PC. However, even if it makes PCs fitted with AMD technology run games that little bit better then this next generation could see their cards rise to the top of buyer’s guides.

That, of course, is what the chip manufacturer is banking on. Not great news for Intel users, then.

Cheers, Shack News.