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AMD unveil new Radeon GPU range: the R7300 and R9300 series

AMD New GPU Announced

AMD have just announced their new range of GPUs, with the budget oriented R7300 series, and the enthusiast R9300 series. All will come with full DirectX 12 support, thanks to AMDs Graphics Core Next technology, along with between 2GB-8GB of GDDR4 memory, and other tech such as Frame Rate Target Control and Virtual Super Resolution.

Check out the cards below.

AMD are pushing DirectX 12 big time with this new range. Every card will fully support it, along with all the new improvements and technology it brings with it.

Along with that, the new range will use Frame Rate Target Control (FRTC) to prevent GPUs rendering more frames than what a monitor’s refresh rate can provide, allowing the card to consume less power, and produce less heat.

Virtual Super Resolution (VSR) on the other hand will let gamers render games at a higher resolution, and then downscale it to their monitor’s resolution. This way, gamers can get more out of games that are less demanding.

The base series of the new range starts with the R7 300 – consisting of both the R7 360, and the R7 370.

The R7 360 is your budget card, aimed for eSports focused gamers. It will focus on running the latest eSports games at 1080p, and its small form factor allows it to fit into almost any chassis. Moving up to the R7 370, it will be beefed up to a twin fan design, and will also rock 4GB of GDDR5 memory.

For those who have a bit more money to play with, and more powerful systems to drive, the R9300 series is for you. The R9 380 comes out of the box focused on 1440p resolutions, along with 4GB of GDDR5 memory. It will be available to purchase for a crazy $199. However, the R9 390x takes the cake, sporting 8GB of GDDR5 memory right out of the box. The R9390 is priced at $329, and the R9390X at $429.

All of the cards will be available to purchase this Thursday, the 18th of June. We’ll have more specs and pricing information as they come available.