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Get a mystery PC game for $0.06 in Green Man Gaming’s Birthday Bundle sale


If you’re the gambling type, you can currently risk a whopping $0.06 on a mystery PC game in Green Man Gaming’s Birthday Bundle sale. Is a single game a bundle? I’m not so sure, but a game for an amount of money I would leave on the floor if dropped it has to be worth a punt. 

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The key could be for anywhere, be it GOG, Steam, Origin, or Uplay, and obviously there’s a chance you might already own it – but it is $0.06. Nothing costs that anymore. You couldn’t even buy a single leg from a chocolate Freddo in the UK for that.

Some of the reviews on the deal page seem to have landed decent games, with one person claiming to have grabbed American Truck Simulator, which is usually $19.99 – if you haven’t guessed, that’s quite a few Freddos.

There are three more bundles – and these ones actually are bundles – that are also available on the site: the three-pack costs $5, the five-pack costs $7, and the seven-pack sets you back $10.

They will probably sell out pretty quick, so head over to the Green Man Gaming site and take a punt.