American Truck Simulator is big enough that the devs are getting unreleased truck models

SCS Software is hitting the big time

Sure, seeing brand-new car models in racing games is old hat by now, but the same can’t be said for the big trucks of the world. Peterbilt and Kenworth offered the developers of American Truck Simulator a limited number of models at launch, and it’s taken years worth of updates for manufacturers like International, Mack, and Volvo to join the game. But it seems things are starting to change.

The Next Western Star model, as the manufacturer is calling it, is still under wraps, due to be unveiled to the public on September 29. But the devs at SCS Software have already had access to a prototype to start building a digital version of the truck, which will be released in American Truck Simulator “very shortly after” its real-world counterpart.

“It is a first for SCS Software to work this closely with a leading American truck manufacturer on synchronizing the release of a brand-new truck,” the devs say in the announcement blog. “We are extremely proud to have established ourselves firmly within the trucking industry; earning Daimler Trucks North America’s trust to get physical access to the prototype truck, which was necessary to start building this truck for our virtual world.”

Previous ATS vehicles have been added in free updates, so it’s safe to expect the same here. As for paid content, Colorado is on the way to the game soon.

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