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Amnesia The Bunker just got way, way scarier

The best horror game of 2023, alongside Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space, Amnesia The Bunker is now a lot scarier thanks to a huge new mod.

Amnesia The Bunker survival mod: A huge monster from horror game Amnesia The Bunker

Amnesia The Bunker is terrifying already. It’s not just the hulking, snarling monstrosity pursuing you through the eponymous World War I dugout. It’s the sounds overhead, the flickering lights, the constant, encroaching dread and claustrophobia. I don’t think I’ve ever played a game that so effectively makes you feel totally, paralyzingly alone. 2023 was a bumper year for survival horror games, thanks to Resident Evil 4 Remake, Dead Space Remake, and Alan Wake 2. But Amnesia The Bunker was the most frightening of them all – and it’s just got way, way scarier, thanks to a transformative new mod that even has the blessing of the game’s creative director.

Amnesia The Bunker is a pitch-perfect mix of terror and tension. It’s tight, punchy, and packs more impact into its short runtime than most of its horror game contemporaries manage in 20 hours. The pitch is simple. You’re trapped underground. All your comrades are dead. The only exit is blocked by rubble. You need to construct a detonator, explode some TNT to clear the wreckage, and get out. The only problem is the huge monster stalking you everywhere. If you thought Amnesia The Bunker couldn’t get any more frightening, think again.

Created by ‘Saint Conqueror Lenin,’ ‘Survival’ is a suitably named overhaul of Amnesia The Bunker’s gameplay. Item locations are now randomized – if you’ve beat the game before and want another, more-challenging playthrough, this is the perfect way to undermine your confidence. Thanks to new difficulty settings, the ever-so-precious fuel canisters can be adjusted so that each one only contains 25% or 50% of the fuel found in the base game. Similarly, your flashlight now makes more noise, all power switches are off by default, and the monster is much more unpredictable.

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You can also customize the monster’s damage resistance and light resistance, to make him completely unstoppable, and remove the red warning signs near boobytraps. You can adjust the settings so that bombs exploding outside the bunker have a higher chance of knocking out the generator, and there’s an entirely new puzzle added to the soldiers’ quarters. If that’s not enough, Fredrik Olsson, Amnesia The Bunker’s creative lead, has personally praised the Survival mod.

“If you’ve played Amnesia The Bunker a lot and want an experience that switches things up a bit, I strongly recommend this mod,” Olsson says. “It does not try to invent anything new but rather nicely adds to what we’ve created in the original game.” You can download Survival right here.

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