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Among Us 2: everything we know about the sequel

They’ve earned our trust for now, but we’re keeping an eye out for updates

When is the Among Us 2 release date? Though it was released back in 2018, Among Us has recently become a bit of a phenomenon. It was introduced to the general public thanks to growing popularity among streamers, and then groups of friends looking for ways to brutally murder each other in times where that’s no longer responsible in person.

It’s also safe to say that as an indie game with a very small team, Among Us wasn’t built to accommodate thousands upon thousands of tiny spacemen clamouring for space on its ill-fated spaceships and outposts. Though the developers have been doing an admirable job keeping everything up and running through the increased demand, there have been a couple of hiccups as the game’s matchmaker struggles to cope with Among Us’ hordes of stab-happy fans.

Among Us’ huge fanbase are also hungry for more content – and though the people are clamouring for new maps, roles, tasks, and cute little pets to accompany them on their murder sprees – it turns out adding new bits to the game isn’t super straightforward, and too much tinkering might accidentally break it. That’s where Among Us 2 comes in – the sequel was officially announced in an Innersloth devlog in August 2020.

Among Us 2 release date

When will Among Us 2 be released? The soonest we can hope for is an open beta in 2021, based on information shared by the devs. They’ve only just started planning to make the game, and based off their experience with Among Us – which took around six months to enter open beta – it’ll be at least that long before we’ll be strapping into the sequel’s space boots.

Among Us 2 price

Will Among Us 2 be free? No. Like the first game, Among Us 2 on PC will be purchasable for a small fee – but the developers say they will consider providing a discount to owners of the original Among Us on Steam. There will also be an Among Us 2 for mobile, which the devs aim to keep free, but incorporating removable ads. While they anticipate releasing big content updates for free, Innersloth are also looking into an in-game currency that will allow you to buy or earn cosmetics to dress up your astronaut pal.

Among Us 2 features

So what do we have to look forward to? Well, first of all, the tried-and-true gameplay from Among Us will remain intact – there may be entirely new maps, but the basic premise and mechanics will remain the same. Notably, though, Innersloth plans to support lobbies of up to 15 players, making games with three impostors feasible, and not just a horrible idea for masochists only.

They also plan to include support for custom games – like hide and seek – and introduce accounts and friends lists. This means you’ll be able to re-unite with your yellow buddy in the flamingo hat, who seemed to wordlessly understand the depths of your soul as you executed a beautiful simultaneous kill in the reactor room.

For those less special moments, there will be a report button in case someone takes things a little too far. Finally, Among Us 2 will hopefully feature new roles beyond ‘traitor’ and ‘impostor’ – much like other games like Among Us, such as Town of Salem and Garry’s Mod. What those roles will be is anyone’s guess, though it’ll certainly switch up the gameplay as claiming roles becomes part of the investigation process and throws even more variables into the equation.

That’s all we know so far about Among Us 2, but we’ll be sure to call an emergency meeting and update you if we find any new evidence on the security cameras. If you’re looking for more games to play with your pals online, here are the best co-op games and best multiplayer games on PC.

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