Among Us 2: everything we know about the sequel

We were expecting a sequel, but Innersloth has other plans

If you’re looking for the Among Us 2 release date, stop right there. Among Us 2 is no more, and we know who did it. Its demise has come at the hands of the Innersloth devs themselves; they stabbed it right in the forehead while we weren’t looking.

Innersloth initially announced a sequel to the hit impostor game back in August, on the back of Among Us’ sudden incredible surge in popularity on Twitch. Though Among Us has been out since June 2018, it saw limited success in its first two years, and the developers moved on to pastures new. But then, some of the biggest streamers gradually discovered the joys of sabotage and deception; the word spread, and now everyone is playing Among Us.

Among Us is a pretty small indie game, so as the tidal wave of new players hit, the devs realised the game and its servers isn’t really designed for the massive player numbers it was seeing. On top of that, thousands of new fans demand shiny new content, and expose problems such as lack of accessibility options and the inability to add fellow players to a friends list. Because the code is apparently too buggy and convoluted to easily slap new features on to, Innersloth decided to start from scratch, and announced a sequel, Among Us 2.

However, in a sudden, unexpected turn of events, they have now committed an murder upon Among Us 2 and left the body in electrical. We suspect they’ve vented to medbay and are intending to use some kind of surgical tools to ‘upgrade’ the original Among Us with a bunch of cool new features and levels, instead of starting over from scratch with the sequel.

Among Us 2 cancelled

It’s official – Among Us 2 has been cancelled. In a devlog titled ‘The Future of Among Us’, posted on September 23, Among Us developer PuffballsUnited talks through their decision. Instead of making a brand new game, they explain that the developers instead intend to ‘put all [their] focus into improving Among Us 1’ – and will be adding all the content they had planned for the sequel into the original game instead.

PuffballsUnited admits that digging into Among Us’ codebase is going to be more difficult than starting from scratch – but while it’ll be hard work for the devs, it’s good news for players who already own Among Us 1, as they won’t have to repurchase a sequel – and this way, hopefully new content will arrive incrementally, as soon as it’s ready.

So what new content can we expect in Among Us? First of all, colourblind support is coming – there will be other ways to identify players instead of by colour, and colour-based tasks such as wires will also be made more accessible. There will also be a friends list & account system introduced, so you’ll be able to re-unite with your yellow buddy in the flamingo hat, who seemed to wordlessly understand the depths of your soul as you executed a beautiful simultaneous kill in the reactor room.

A brand new Henry Stickmin-themed stage is also on its way – and somewhere down the line, we hope to see support for larger Among Us lobbies, plus the introduction of additional roles beyond ‘traitor’ and ‘impostor’.

There ends the short-lived saga of Among Us 2, but we’ll be sure to call an emergency meeting and update you if we find any new evidence on the security cameras. If you can’t wait for Among Us updates, we’ve got a list of the best games like Among Us. If you’re looking for other games to play with your pals online, here are the best co-op games and best multiplayer games on PC.