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Get three legendary city builders at a massive discount right now

Anno 1503, Anno 1602, and Anno 1701's remastered History Editions, three city building legends, are all heavily discounted on Steam.

Get three legendary strategy games at a massive discount right now: An overhead view of an early modern village harborfront, from Anno 1404..

Before Ubisoft put out Anno 1800 in 2019, the series had already firmly established itself as a major presence in its genre. The first three entries to a building and strategy game titan that rivals the likes of Tropico 6, Civilization 6, and Stronghold launched in 1998 (with Anno 1602), 2002 (Anno 1503), and 2006 (Anno 1701) before the most recent entry arrived. While the original versions of those games are a bit tricky to go back to, all three have also been remastered as ‘History Editions.’ Even better, they’re all massively discounted on Steam right now.

These History Edition versions bring the trio of city building games up to the kind of modern standards fans of Anno 1800 might expect. Each version has been updated to resolutions of up to 4K and comes with multiplayer and expansions packed in, providing a great way to check out important landmarks in the genres of building, management, and historical strategy games on current PC hardware.

Anno 1602, the very first entry to the series, now includes its New Islands, New Adventures expansion in its History Edition while Anno 1503, the debut 3D entry to the series, comes with the Treasures, Monsters, and Pirates add-on included and features a new multiplayer mode for the first time. Anno 1701 History Edition now includes The Sunken Dragon expansion, too.

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Anno 1602, Anno 1503, and Anno 1701’s History Editions are each 50% off from now until May 6, bringing their price down to $4.99 USD / £4.29. Grab a copy of one or all of them right here.

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