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Anno 2205’s Frontiers expansion adds three new sectors, enemy invasions and cyborgs

Anno 2205 Frontiers

Anno 2205 just got its final expansion, adding three new sectors, home invasions, cyborgs and more to Ubisoft’s city builder. 

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The three new sectors each feature their own challenges and sector projects, with one of them introducing a new faction of cyborgs called the ‘Synthetics’. This faction requires high-level materials, but these man-machine hybrids make for one of the most effective workforces you can get. Let’s hope they never revolt.

Frontiers aims to bring back fan-requested features from previous games in the series, like activating military conflict in regular sectors – with players calling in their fleets to secure trade routes and more – and splitting some sectors up into smaller islands.

Here are the three new sectors you’ll need to tame:

  • Madrigal Islands
    • Offers traditional Anno flair in the temperate setting with lots of smaller islands to expand on. Players will uncover Shady Dealings and increase their World Market routes.
  • Savik Province
    • This continental Arctic Sector invites players to travel the vast snowfields by unearthing geysers to gain new lands. The freed geysers can be used as a heat source for surrounding snow camps.
  • Greentide Archipelago
    • Players awake the Man-Machine Synthetics, a new faction with high-level demands. In order to get into contact with the Hybrids, players have to excavate a precursor facility and bring it back to life.

Frontiers is available now on Steam for $11.99.